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It all began when Ashley Erika's natural curiosity for design prompted her to spend countless hours daydreaming in the pages of books written by inspiring architects, designers, art curators and published authors, all of which had her swooning over a possible career change. 


From a young age, Ashley Erika always had a natural talent and refined eye for design. Throughout college, she would save her earnings with the eventual—and inevitable—goal of bringing her imagination to life. By pairing her mindful sourcing abilities to discover the latest designer pieces, with the meticulous nature of her executional skills, she would always curate the most eye-catching tablescapes, bound to draw in a myriad of guests. As such, Ashley Erika quickly became known not only for her ability to create invigorating and welcoming spaces, but to visually enhance any moment shared amongst her family and friends. 


Time and time again, those closest to her sought her stylistic expertise for their personal home design projects. These opportunities, along with completing her certification in interior design during her mat leave—and a global pandemic—allowed her to confidently tackle her first large-scale remodel: Her family home in Baie D’Urfe, Montreal.  


Ashley Erika's journey into interior design was initially inspired by her personal drive to curate magical and memorable moments that can be shared among those closest to her. She believes that—now, more than ever—creating charming yet distinctive design spaces for people to call home is one of life’s most gratifying gifts. As such, through her collaborative yet instinctual approach, she hopes she will inspire her clients to transform their environment into a refreshed and inviting space; one that will surely elicit a sense of creativity, individuality, and peace.


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At Ashley Erika Interiors, we offer residential interior design services that reflect your personal style and interests. We are based in Montreal, Quebec, but can also work with clients from anywhere upon special request.


What makes us different?

At Ashley Erika Interiors, you are hiring a natural-born designer, who is constantly challenging herself to explore and execute stylistic approaches that reflect its clients’ taste. The culmination of masterfully composing layered textures and patterns, curating collected pieces, and understanding the importance of contrast and composition all contribute towards the creation of customized vignettes for your home, thus reflecting the heart of our design company.


The self-exploration of Ashley Erika’s own design process—along with the professional credibility within the industry that was developed throughout—allowed her to respect the meticulous and time-consuming nature of such an undertaking, which inspired her to share her passion with her clients. Ashley Erika Interiors is not just a step-by-step process, but an individualized experience, where tailored designs that reflect your unique taste are reflected. From the initial presentation—inspired by the client—to satisfy both luxury and functionality, to the final installation of the finishing touches, the Ashley Erika Interiors experience transcends beyond each project’s completion, to a place where you can settle into an elevated sense of comfort, while inviting your guests to do the same.

Ashley Erika Interiors is a full-service residential design studio, that can assist clients with a wide range of challenges including—but not limited to—the selection of architectural details and finishes; collaborating with architects and builders; decorating a functional beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and creating custom pieces tailor-made for your living space. From large-scale remodels to quick and simple makeovers, our design process and refined execution is sure to reflect your personal taste and style.


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Design Services
current clients & new inquiries: 514-951-5848

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